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 We Know What We Were is an attempt to peer into a collective past.  It is a collection of memories, clear and unclear, as well as insights on the people I spoke with and photographed, including myself.  It focuses on the things we choose to remember, as well as the moments we often forget.  It is also an experiment in uncertainty- we determine our futures based on the memories that we believe define us, though it is also important to remember that the future is not always determined by these things.

I use both digital and analog photography, as well as video taken during interviews of subjects and letters I ask them to write reflecting on their pasts & possible future.  The images are typically distorted as they’re being created, by taking long exposures or putting things in front of the lens.  They are then sometimes heavily manipulated digitally, at times becoming unrecognizable from the original image.  I do this as an ironic twist on the idea of a photograph being a frozen moment in time.  The images here no longer do all the work for you, but rather ask you to look deeper into what you are seeing-that is, if you want to.  Maybe you’ll find something interesting. 

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